My Favourite Blogs

  1. 5C’s Class Community
    I’m not a poetic person at all, so coming up with a text that rhymes AND contains all the letters of the alphabet was very hard for me to do. I put quite a lot of effort into it, which is why it took me more time than I had. I’m proud of it, not because it’s perfect (which it isn’t at all), but because it’s the result of sitting myself down and working consequently. Unfortunately, it doesn’t rhyme, but that doesn’t make it any less poetic!
  2. Tobias Eaton-his character development
    Again, I do not love this text because it’s absolutely amazing, but because i remember the enthusiasm I found in me while writing the essay. After reading the Divergent trilogy, I got incredibly obsessed with it and used every chance I had to share information about Veronica Roth’s books. I wish I would have been as motivated while writing every other essay as I was with this one. I put my heart into it and tried to describe Tobias the best way possible.
  3. Blind af
    This one was probably the hardest essay for me to write, as it had to be exactly a 100 words long. I love writing long stories and if I’m passionate about one, it’s really hard for me to stop writing. It was a challenge, but I managed and it will now forever remind me of the day Sophie and I were too blind to find that school.

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